AM Power Systems Mission and Expertise
AM Power Systems is a company dedicated to helping solve your power conversion needs with state-of-the-art technical design expertise, and relevant component modules or sub-system level devices, and advanced manufacturing capabilities.
AM Power Systems mission is supply our customers with advanced state-of-the-art power conversion solutions with expedient, professional support capabilities. We have selected the technologies for tomorrows more efficient or “green” power solutions. We have the world-wide suppliers to fit into your supply chain logistics or other related materials supplier issues.

Whether your needs are DC-DC converters, sub-systems, full turn-key power supply products, or standard/full custom power conversion products, AM Power Systems is here to help you find those solutions. Whether your products are in the consumer, industrial or possibly military market segments, we have the related expertise to help solve your technical needs.

AM Power Systems Line of DC-DC Converters
AM Power Systems line of DC-DC Converters are used in many advanced applications such as:
Main Applications
  • Photomultiplier Solutions
  • Avalanche Photodiodes
  • Detector Arrays
  • Piezo Devices
  • UAV and RC Steering Controlled Vehicles
  • Capacitor Charging
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Electrostatic Handling Solutions
  • Detonation Activators
  • Etc.

Thunder Series - a family of low power (0.5W typical) DC-DC converters w/single input voltage (Vin) of 3V, 5V, 12V or 24V and single, fixed output voltage (Vout) in the 0.5KV to 5KV range. These high-voltage low-power DC to DC converters offer proportional, regulated, isolated high voltage low power output, encapsulated in high thermal conductivity epoxy resin for use in harsh environmental environments.Thunder Series
Lightning Series - a family of ultra low power, high output voltage DC-DC converters with a single input and a single output voltage. Output voltage (Vout) can be either a fixed and isolated output or a variable output voltage (Vout) controlled by an external pin or variable Vin controlled. Lightning Series
1) Introduction of a 200 watt DC-DC converter that has a variable input range of 11-16 VDC and a fixed output voltage of 24 VDC.
2) Introduction of compact, very low power, high output voltage DC-DC converters with a variable input voltage ranging from 3 to 5.5 volts the single outputs are 500V, 600V, 800V, 1KV and 1.2KV.
3) Introduction of compact, low power, single output voltage DC-DC converters with a nominal input voltage of 28 volts with a 20% variability, the single outputs are +5V, +15V and -8V.
Cyclone Series - a family of ultra low power, high output voltage DC-DC converters with a single input and dual output voltages. Output voltage1 (Vout1) can be controlled by an external pin or the variably controlled Vin. Output voltage2 (Vout2) can be either a fixed and isolated output or a second variable output voltage controlled by an external pin or variably controlled by Vin. Cyclone Series
Introduction of compact, low power, variable input voltages, dual output voltage DC-DC. converters. Products have one variable negative output voltage (Vout1) and one fixed or variable positive output voltage (Vout2).
Tornado Series - a family of 2-4 watt, ultra high output voltage DC-DC converters w/ output voltages (Vout) in the 10KV to 30KV outputs. Tornado Series

AM Power Systems standard series can be customized to customer's specific application at a nominal NRE charge (see datasheets for details).

AM Power Systems Announces Intelligent Solar Powered Trickle Chargers for SLA Batteries - (Jan 09)
AM Power Systems announces a family of intelligent solar powered trickle chargers for standard sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries used on electric golf carts, light all terrain vehicles or other types of SLA battery operated electric vehicles,  remote data gathering equipment or recreational vehicle back-up power sub-systems.
These SPC units are designed to interface with industry standard photo-voltaic (PV) type solar panels.
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SPC Series

AM Power Systems Offers A Line of Standard and Custom Solar Panels - (July 09)
AM Power Systems provides a limited line of solar panels for matching the sub-system level products power needs to the particular customer applications. The panels in stock are 51W, 80W and 220W. AM Power Systems also offers custom design products for certain customer needs.

Solar Panel Series

AM Power Systems Announces Two New Piezoelectric Actuators - (July 08)
AM Power System announces the AMC0212 and AMC0612 products for mignature mechanical manipulation applications. They are now available from stock.
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Piezo Actuator Series

AM Power Systems Thunder Line Acquisition
AM Power Systems recently acquired AMI Electronics' low power high voltage DC to DC converters.
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Thunder Series